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Direct 20% of the tax

and support the education of underprivileged children.

No extra cost to your company

Direct 20% of the tax – deductible cost

You can save a future! Or rather, the future and the childhood of generations that are powerless without your help. Which are discriminated against and excluded from the community, but children are all children, regardless of their social condition!
We fight day by day, month by month and for over 26 years for every child to go to school, to be integrated, helped and supported. We offer them, depending on their needs, free access to complex services implemented by our team of specialists: psychological assessment in order to analyze learning difficulties and their gradual remedy through a personalized plan of interventions, specific therapies, technical and material support, both for the children as well as for their families who are powerless in the face of the obstacles that keep appearing.
We have created special spaces, just for them, where they can feel included and see what normality, healthy principles of teamwork and equality really mean. Through the WONDER Day Center and the Social Sports School program, we make a better world for hundreds of children.

If you also believe in the potential of disadvantaged children and want to build a better world together, through equal and inclusive education, you can contribute like this:

Redirect 20% of income tax of micro-enterprises for FREE

Micro-enterprises can deduct sponsorships made to NGOs, and this. Part of the tax you normally pay to the government can change the lives of the more than 400 children in vulnerable communities we support.The deduction is made by filling in Declaration no. 107 and submitting it up to and including the 25th of the month following the last quarter for which income tax is due.

Redirect 20% of profit tax for FREE

If your company pays profit tax, every year, until December 31st, you can change for the better the lives of the children with whom we work every day. The amount related to the sponsorship is deducted from the profit tax due, taking into account the minimum value between: 0.75% of the turnover or 20% of the profit tax.

Having a carefree childhood and the simple normality of going to school are impossible for too many children! Be part of the change you want in society!

The FDP Association – Protagonists in Education is a provider of social services accredited according to accreditation certificate AF 005704 (link to social services accreditation certificate).

Our team is ready to provide you with all the information you need. You can contact us by e-mail at or

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