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Corporate volunteering

A role model that can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people


We invite you to bring the company’s employees closer to vulnerable communities and give them the chance to feel that the impact generated by each of them will have an unexpected echo in the lives of the hundreds of children we support.

The needs of the children and families benefiting from our programs are the core from which we start every activity. The more of us, the more we can give them a real chance at a normal, stable life, where education comes first and social exclusion disappears.

Having volunteers from your company with us means growing the FDP family, the family of people who see Education as life-changing.

What types of activities might the company's employees be involved in?

Sports competitions: football, volleyball, badminton, etc
Dance, music or painting lessons with the children
Reading, writing, homework clubs
Outdoor outings, visits to tourist attractions

Let’s identify suitable volunteering opportunities for employees to enjoy and actively involve our beneficiaries together. We take care of the management and implementation, and the volunteer employees will only live the experience and reap the smiles and thanks of the children and their families. Because in the end, this is what it means to be a volunteer: to help willingly in order to receive a different kind of reward, one for the soul and not financially.

Without much effort, you become an example in society, and the values of your company will be passed on to vulnerable people who do not have access to an equal education.

We thank all the volunteers who have been with us so far and have been involved in educational and recreational activities with the children. London Stock Exchange Group, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, UPS, Axway and Direct Booking who, through their special involvement in supporting our initiatives, have created partnerships to share common values and missions.

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