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Donate 2 euros and receive back 10 smiles, 10 thank yous and 10 brighter futures.

Do you remember when you were a child too? Maybe you had a childhood that everyone deserves and maybe you were listened to, supported and loved or maybe… Maybe you were troubled like Diana, who even now writes by candle with trembling fingers or maybe you felt the discrimination and exclusion Ionuț feels every time he arrives at school and always finds himself alone… in the classroom, at the desk, in the school yard.

Maybe you also had big dreams that would change your life like Cristian has now, who wants to become a mechanic since he lost his mother, but he had to work to survive and to be able to go to school. 3 examples… out of 400 souls that we try to help integrate, we try to support them financially, but also medically, through treatments and therapies, personalized counseling and adapted according to needs.

We believe that nothing hurts more than the look that screams I’m a child too, can you see me? of a disadvantaged child and the helplessness that too many families face.

We are trying to change a corner of the world for them, but we can’t do it without your help, the one who reads this and who can feel these words!

Send a simple SMS with the text “AJUT” to 8844 and donate 2 euros monthly, which count as rewards for the soul! You’ll get more than just a thank you back! You will feel how you give confidence, strength and hope where there were none. All children have the right to childhood and education and only through you can we bring back normal things that for some are trivial and for others mean everything

And if you've decided to become the hero of 400 children, read on for the last details about the help you can offer:

  • Send the text “AJUT” to 8844, and thus you will contribute 2 euros monthly. What does 2 euros mean? For you maybe a coffee, for them it means many steps towards a better future.
  • You can stop the donation at any time by sending an SMS to 8844 with the text “AJUT STOP”.
  • The number is valid in the Orange and Vodafone networks.
  • No VAT is charged for subscription donations.
  • In the Orange network, for prepaid cards, VAT is withheld when purchasing the credit.
  • For donations on prepaid cards, customers do not pay VAT in the Vodafone network.

You may have asked your question about the monthly donation. Why should you donate monthly?

Because we always need help. Because the life situations that the beneficiaries go through require time to be changed, financial and spiritual investment. Because we cannot do it alone and because, every year, more and more children drop out of school, live in precarious conditions and lose hope for a normal life.

If we can help you with more information, you can write to

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